Armour's North West Queensland Project is a promising shale gas prospect in Australia and is 100% owned.

Armour has been granted ATP1087 and is preferred tenderer on ATP1107 in North West Queensland. The tenements cover approximately 3.6 million acres and encompass the south Nicholson Basin and underlying Isa Super Basin which extends westward into the Company's Northern Territory applications. 

Armour's Independent Experts have assessed 22.1 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of Best Prospective Resource (gas) in the middle Proterozoic aged Lawn Hill and Riversleigh Shale in ATP1087. 

Egilabria 2 well - ATP 1087, during testing on October 8, 2014

North West Queensland unconventional gas Play

Results to date

  • Gas prospective resource of 22.1 TCF (best estimate)

  • Contingent resources relating to the Lawn Shale Formation in Egilabria 2 of 364 BCF (3C); 154 BCF (2C); 33 BCF (1C)

  • First successful application of multi-stage, hydraulically stimulated, horizontal well technology in Australia

  • Continuous gas flows occurred from the Lawn Shale, a major potential gas play

  • 6 wells drilled in ATP1087 to date

  • Extensive seismic data set


  • Stacked play opportunities

  • Play potentially extends into the Northern Territory

  • Large scale gas production