Gas Day Harmonisation Plan

dated 22 August 2019

1. Purpose

This document defines the approach Armour Energy (Surat) Pty Ltd (Armour Energy), as operator of the Kincora Gas Project, will take to ensure compliance with the National Gas Rules requirement for Gas Day Harmonisation (GDH) such that all gas day start times align within the East Coast Gas Markets to 6:00am AEST from 1st October 2019.

2. Overview

Armour Energy’s Kincora Gas Plant is interconnected with the Eastern Australian Gas Market via Petroleum Pipeline Licence No.3 (PPL3) at Run-2 on the Roma to Brisbane Gas Pipeline (RBP).  This will be the only connection asset impacted by the GDH.

3. Interconnected Facilities

Armour Energy has identified APA as our key third-party interface covering metering and allocation arrangements associated with interconnected facilities. As described above, Armour Energy’s export pipeline delivers gas to Run-2 on the Wallumbilla Gas Hub.

Third party facility owners have transition plans lodged with AEMO and Armour Energy will continue to liaise with owners to ensure project delivery.


Armour Energy’s GDH Transition Plan

4. Short Gas Day Nomination Methodology

Armour Energy will operate consistent with the AEMO guiding principles such that its nominations and its expectation of nominations from other parties for the short gas day will consider the short gas day duration on 30th September 2019.

Armour Energy will confirm this approach with relevant third parties.

5. Meter Reconfigurations

Armour Energy does not own or operate the meters associated with the above delivery points. These meters are owned and operated on Armour Energy’s behalf by APA.

APA as the owners of these meters have published transition plans in place.

6. Further Information

For any further information please contact:

Armour Energy (Surat) Pty Ltd, on (07) 3303 0620 or via email –