Armour Energy (Surat Basin) Pty Ltd ABN 61 607 504 905 (Armour) is the owner and operator of the Armour Roma Shelf Project, of which the Kincora Gas Plant and associated infrastructure are part thereof. Armour is focused on the continued exploration of the Roma Shelf Project and an increase in the knowledge of the region’s hydrocarbon resources.

In order to increase the knowledge of the hydrocarbons in the region, Armour intends to carry out an airborne geophysical survey on its Roma Shelf Project tenements and proposes to extend these activities into neighbouring areas of the Petroleum Leases.


 What is an AEM-PTP airborne survey?

·        Pinemont's AEM-PTP airborne system is a passive geophysical method that measures naturally variations in the Earth's electrical field (E-Field).    

Airborne data collection:

Why collect airborne geophysical data? 

  • Data can be collected quickly over large areas without the need for ground access.

  • The airborne data helps provide exploration focus helping to minimise the areas of ground based exploration activities.

What type of aircraft with be used to acquire the data?

Cessna 210

  • Flying Criteria: Australian aviation safety is regulated the government body “The Civil Aviation Safety Authority” (CASA).

  • All flights will adhere to CASA regulations.

  • East – West and West – East  Flight Lines will be flown about 900 meters apart at about 500 ft above ground level at a speed of about 85 Knots

  • All pilots will be licensed by CASA, Aircraft will be registered by CASA.

  • Aircraft and Pilots will be supplied by Queensland company “Precision Aerial”. Precision Aerial have offices in Meandarra, Mungindl and St George